Debit Smartcardes

Ideal for mail and phone order

Credit Card MachinesStandalone credit card terminals are the bread-and-butter of small companies. Many mom-and-pop shops as well as independently owned business types use little terminals and don't need advanced payment processing services. Other companies utilize the very same terminals in conjunction with cash registers and POS systems.

When dealing in credit card terminals, it is important to consider the associated costs related to processing, such as merchant service fees, which can usually overwhelm and owner-operated company. If you are looking for a machine, chances are that you could also use a discounted merchant account service that keeps more of your transaction dollars in your bank account. The credit card authorization process siphons off a lot of nickels and dimes, as well as a few dollars that come off each monthly statement.

Best Models

The best credit card machine models for small companies are name-brand machines that are compact, easy to use, and versatile. Newer machines have large-print screens, USB ports, and easily integrate with your cash register, so you don't have to keep manually entering information when you make a sale or take a return. Employee errors with credit card machines can create a lot of time consuming headaches, so any simplification of the sales process not only gets more customers past the register, but also saves time, money, and aggravation.

Speed And Security

Most new terminals have "dual comm" capabilities that allow them to be used on phone lines and LAN connections. If you have a network in your business, and can process this way, you can process cards more quickly and with a higher degree of security. You may also be able to eliminate the monthly expense of a telephone line. Fast authorizations mean that the line at the register moves faster (and looks shorter) which prevents one of the top reasons for customers to leave without making a purchase.