New, Used, and Refurbished

Discounted and Free Termianls

Finding the right credit card terminal can do wonders for your busines, whether you run a single-person shop or a chain of stores. The best machines are easy to operate, fast, and secure, with advanced capabilities that allow for the accepance of EMV smartcards, checks, and contactless payments.

Don't OverPay For A Machine

Credit Card MachinesIn the field of credit card processing, it is critical to choose the right machines. Unfortunately, your choice of machine may be limited by the processing network you choose for your merchant account. This is because many networks will only support a few brands or terminal types. This is because better networks offer free tech support for many models, or will forward you to the manufacturer's hotline, and to do this they can only sell those brands.

Leasing Vs. Buying

The top question related to credit card machines is whether you should lease or buy your terminal. This is entirely dependent on the whole mechant services agreement and what it entails. Most of the time, a "free" credit card machine pays back the processor many times over by charging a higher rate, which essentially means that you are paying more money when your company succeeds. A standard credit card lease also looks expensive, and can give you the impression that you are paying $2,000 for a $300 terminal over time, but leasing actually has advantages. For one, if the machine breaks you can generally return it for a fresh model. Many processors have equipment for life programs which will replace an obsolete model with a new one. Accountants like leasing because of the way it affects your tax burden.

When you lease your credit card machine, you often get access to customer support with the terminal. On the contrary, if you buy a machine and get it reprogrammed to operate on your current network, you may get zero support if it breaks or if you can't get it to batch out. On a good shopping day, a broken terminal with no support could cost you a lot of sales. However you choose to buy your credit card equipment, you should be assured that you aren't leaving money on the table compared to any alternative setup.